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Personal Injury

Personal Injury

Alabama Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injury cases arise if a person suffers some type of injury and someone else may be responsible. This is a broad area of the law that covers many different types of situations. Below is a brief summary of the more common areas that fall into the category of personal injury.


Medical Malpractice– Claims against health care providers are governed by the Alabama Medical Liability Act. This law subjects health care providers to the standard of care expected of them by the medical community at-large.


Motor Vehicle Accident– Motor vehicle accidents can be caused by any number of things. These can include obstructed vision, negligent drivers, and even improper road maintenance. Motor vehicle accidents can also include torts associated with their operation.


Wrongful Death– A wrongful death claim is generally founded upon a tort claim. Examples of causes of a wrongful death claim include death by a defective product, failure to maintain public roads, and asking someone to clean a loaded gun.


Premises Liability-A landowner generally owes a duty to those on his land to keep the premise in a safe condition.


Invasion of Privacy– An invasion of privacy consists of four different wrongs. The first is an intrusion upon the someone’s physical solitude or seclusion. The second is publicity which violates ordinary decencies. The third is putting a person in a false, but not necessarily defamatory position in the eye of the public. Finally, the fourth is the appropriation of some element of a person’s personality for commercial use.


Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress– An IIED claim must cause emotional distress that is so severe that no reasonable person could be expected to endure it.


Assault– An assault is generally the intent of another to cause fear or apprehension of an unwanted touching. The threat of the touch must also be possible.


Battery– A battery is generally the unwanted touching in anger or in a rude manner to another person. Assault and battery can also be found after a negligent act that causes an unintentional injury.


Defamation-Libel and Slander– The law of defamation is in place to protect individual’s reputations. An action for defamation or slander is based on this right. For example, someone publishing a false story in a newspaper about an individual that damages another’s reputation would be defamation of character.


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